Tips & Tools

Energy Balance starts at home and getting healthy together is not only important in the fight against childhood obesity, it can also be fun. Learn how doing simple, everyday things together—like sharing a meal or taking a long walk—can improve your family's Energy Balance. Check out these tips and tools and get started today.


Play Together

Energy Out

How does your family make fitness fun? When you play together — swim, hike, take a walk — you're more likely to stay on track with your goals. The added benefit is you and your kids have a chance to connect. Brainstorming about that science project while taking a long walk after dinner is a smart way to work physical activity into your family's day.

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Eat Together

Energy In

Our bodies need energy—and we get that energy from all the foods and beverages we consume each day. Your family will thrive and enjoy a healthy active lifestyle that can include all foods—especially when you learn more about variety, balance and moderation.

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Thrive Together

What is Energy Balance?

Energy balance is the balance of calories consumed from foods and beverages and calories expended through physical activity. Calories in. Calories out. By keeping track of how much you move and how much you eat, your healthy weight is within reach.

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