FDA Fun-damentals

Choosing what goes in your body is an important part of eating together.

Our friends at the FDA can help your students learn more about finding balance in their diets. Extend the learning with school and family activities, provided in partnership with the FDA.


Spotlight on Nutrition

Nutrition Facts Activity

Students identify the benefits of using Nutrition Facts labels and design a creative project that will help them make the best food choices.

Nutrition Facts: Cool Tips for Kids

Use this kid-friendly guide to show students how the Nutrition Facts label can enable them to make smart food choices.

Vitamin and Mineral Power

Vitamins and Minerals Activity

Student teams research vitamins and minerals and create trading cards that explain their vitamin or mineral's "superpowers."

Vitamins and Minerals Chart

This accessible chart outlines the powers of 13 key vitamins and 14 essential minerals, showing your students what they do and where to find them.

Nutrition Navigator

What's on the Nutrition Facts Label

Better understand the daily tool for making informed food choices with this easy-to-understand breakdown of the Nutrition Facts label.

Let's Make a Plan

Action Plan for Kids

Understanding the Nutrition Facts label is as easy as 1, 2, 3, A, B, C!

The Choice is Yours

Making Smart Choices Word Search

The hidden words hold the key to making smart choices when reviewing a Nutrition Facts label!