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1st Due New

1st Due Fit was formed to help reduce the Line of Duty Deaths within the Fire Service Caused by Cardiovascular Issues. Through education of fellow firefighters in the important subjects of Nutrition And Physical Fitness training to reduce these preventable deaths and help change the fire service to a healthier better fit providing service.


ACCE’s Education Attainment Division engages, connects, and supports chambers of commerce in their efforts to impact education across the cradle-to-career spectrum and prepare the future workforce to succeed in a competitive economy.


ACTIVE Life's mission is to make healthy the norm by generating a persistent demand for healthy living among all sectors of society. ACTIVE Life is creating an American culture which values, demands and supports healthy for all. To accomplish this goal, we are organizing the movement for healthy change by enlisting and equipping people and places to build and sustain healthy communities.

Convenience Distribution Association

CDA is the place to come to when convenience distributors need information on legislative and regulatory issues; operations and logistics; management techniques, such as category management; and expanding product categories, like foodservice. CDA offers various forums that bring together convenience distributors and their trading partners, allowing them to discuss issues of importance.

El Happy Coach

El Happy Coach delivers Happiness through Life Coaching and Meditation Practices such as Circular Breathing, Tai Chi and Yoga.  Roberto believes that harnessing the power of the body and the mind can lead to powerful outcomes and that's exactly what he's there to help you with.

JAM (Just-a-Minute) School Program

The JAM School Program is a free resource for schools that brings physical activity and health education to the classroom. JAM offers a one-minute classroom energizer called JAMmin' Minute, an athlete-featured 5-minute routine called JAM Blast, and a monthly Health-E-tips newsletter.


LEAP4LIFE is a one of a kind integrated engagement program, which brings together social media, personal teaching, loyalty technology and a vast rewards suite, to deliver a proactive approach to preventative healthcare management.

New Way Fitness

NewWayFitness, understanding the challenges many parents face to keep their family physically active in today’s world, gives them the tools they need to maintain healthy family physical activity levels while controlling sedentary viewing time. The best part of all, it’s all done using technology so constant parent intervention is not required!

Sweat Equity Network

The Sweat Equity Network is a Web 2.0-based application that, at its core, provides a rewards-based loyalty and retention tool, embedded in a vibrant online and mobile community network to provide inspiration, motivation, education and incentives to participants. Sweat Equity is "provider and program agnostic" that network easily adapts to a variety of programs and services; It can also be implemented in a private corporate network as part of a dedicated corporate wellness program. 

Tops Club Inc.

TOPS provides the weight-management component to your employee wellness program in the form of on-site weight-loss support chapters. Our nonprofit, noncommercial status allows TOPS to meet your needs for an uncommonly low cost.

Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse, part of Sir Richard Branson’s famed Virgin Group, is passionate about inspiring and engaging employees to live better every day. We support our clients’ employees in making long-lasting, healthy behavior changes, so they can be their most energetic, focused selves at work and beyond.