Pre-K Curriculum

Pre-K Curriculum
Early childhood nutrition education is critically important. The Energy Balance Pre-K program meets a need we see every day among 3-5 year olds and will help children develop healthy habits for life.

~Katie Brown, Ed.D., RD, LD
National Education Director
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation

Energy Balance Pre-K

Energy Balance Pre-K is a custom program designed to teach children the skills they need to develop healthy habits with eating and physical activity. Created to fit within your preschool’s existing curriculum, two thematic units – Me and My Choices and Give it a Try! – are organized into 10 days of flexible activities. Days are non-sequential and can be taught individually or as a larger unit!

Me and My Choices: Focuses on what is unique and special about students and how they can make choices related to nutrition and physical activity.

Give It a Try: Encourages children to explore a variety of foods and engage in diverse activities as they learn about the benefits of trying new things.